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Best Ecommerce Platforms for Your Online Business


Over the years, several online platforms have been launched to meet the growing market demand from vendors, venturing into online retail. Competition has led to the upgrading of these platforms each running day, with new features aimed at outshining others in the market. Here are some of the best ecommerce platform for your online business:

  1. Magneto platform

It is one of the greatest hosts of retail online sites. It is one of the most popular platform. The most used ecommerce content management system are hosted by magneto. To allow addition of new functionalities, this platform has a huge number of extensions and plugins. This lowers the cost of developing and maintaining the retail sites. Customising is also easy. Functionality of the platform is of high level as it is robust. Extensions of marketplace are of a large variety. Clients engagement is highly active thus assisting retailers on trouble shooting and tutorials. Since it is highly scalable, there is no need for higher scaling when upgrading in future.

  1. WooCommerce

It is used for building ecommerce websites for retail online businesses. It is launched on the WordPress platform. Most of the WordPress themes have in-built WooCommerce functionality. Most of the listed open source content management systems features are found on the plugins of this platform. This platform is user friendly and cost effective thus preferred by many vendors’ especially small businesses. Setting up this platform is easy as WordPress requires less expertise to master. Running on WordPress means that this ecommerce platform does not have so many server requirements. Most of the themes and adds-on found on WooCommerce are cheap to procure. WordPress has so many users, which makes the huge subscribers’ community learn from each other.


  1. Drupal

It is one of the top three most popular ecommerce platforms. The content managements system of Drupal commerce is the second most used open source website. What makes this platform edge out the others is that clients can seamlessly merge with Drupal, thereby making creation of a blog or forum very easy. This makes it more convenient than others. Content marketing is also eased. Implementing SEO strategies is therefore best achieved when a firm’s site is hosted by this platform

  1. OsCommerce

It has claimed a large number of the top online sites thus considered fairly popular. Many sites, which are built on open sources are hosted by OsCommerce. It was one of the earliest platforms in the market. The huge following ensures an ever-active followers forum. Many established online retail site are hosted by this ecommerce platform. Installing it is easy while its interface is also easy to use. Plugins of this forum are also large such that changing functionality is an easy task.

  1. Opencart

It has the easiest back-ends that are easy to use and run. This makes it easy to host sites that are not so comprehensive. This open source content management system ecommerce platform has a rich number of plugins. The administrators of this platform can edit the CSS.

  1. Shopify

It has a large number of add-ons, which are beautiful and attractive. It has a variety of professional templates to ensure that the client ends up with the most appealing storefront. Shopify has a great customer support system that clients can contact via email, online chat or even a phone call. Compliance to SEO is also a proof of efficiency.


  1. BigCommerce

It is another highly rated online platform. Over fifty thousand ecommerce solutions are hosted by this platform. The large universality of this platform makes it easy for clients to access extensive help resources. It has an easy-to-use interface. Prices charged for this platform are also relatively cheaper as compared to other platforms.


These platforms will help your business to stand out in the market. You will be able to increase your sales thus raising profits. However, you should consider the size of your business when choosing the best platform.